Managing human rights in a global environment

Led by Catherine Rushforth, Global Human Rights Lead – Airbus
Mechanisms for monitoring the human rights performance of multinational companies are becoming increasingly common around the world. In Europe, pending a harmonisation directive, each country is legislating. After the British Modern Slavery Act and the French duty of care, Germany is in the process of applying a new dedicated law. Global player in the aerospace industry, how does Airbus meet all of these requirements?

Using a startup mentality to drive E&C transformations

Led by Richard Davies, Group Vice President, Ethics & Compliance – Natura
Startup management techniques can be successfully applied to leading E&C functions, and very effective in driving key E&C initiatives. This is especially true in certain environments such as a business turnaround or M&A integration, when legal risks may be higher, resources may be lower – but rapid change is required. In this session, we will share specific examples of successes using these techniques to innovate in E&C, and also offer key lessons learned.

Organising for ethics: the same end goal, different blueprints

Led by Dr Amanda Bunten CPsych, Director of Behavioural Ethics, GSK & Fiona Hannon, Head of Group Compliance , SSE Plc
There is no single blueprint for exactly what a good ethics function looks like, and experience shows that the idea of one-size-fits-all is a non-starter when it comes to organising for ethics. However, there are certain elements that are key. In this session, we will discuss some of the most important elements to consider and we will learn more about how SSE and GSK ensure that ethics is at the core of their business.

The future of compliance analytics

Led by Matt Galvin, Global Vice President for Ethics and Compliance – Anheuser-Busch In-Bev
Current emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and federated learning are making advanced compliance analytics inexpensive and accessible over the next 1-3 years. This session will explore current technological developments, and lessons learned from AB InBev in its six year journey of incorporating data science within its ethics and compliance function.

How can ethics and compliance play a key role in business transformation?

Led by Jean-Christophe Sautory, Group Chief Ethics, Risk and Compliance Officer – L’Oréal S.A and Mai-Britt Rasmussen, Business Development Manager – L’Oréal S.A
This session will explore the importance of the E&C department in partnering upfront with business experts to integrate E&C perspectives in business transformation and in the anticipation of new regulations. In the case of L’Oréal S.A and its business model, these discussions range from the development of Beauty Tech (innovative technology), data privacy, philanthropy and sustainable sourcing.

Will encouraging employees to ‘speak up’ really make a difference?

Led by Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & EVP Converge – Convercent by OneTrust & Peter Stone, Senior Compliance Counsel – Convercent by OneTrust
We know that speaking up about unethical or indeed, illegal practices, can make a real difference. It is a key way to help maintain high standards of business behavior throughout an organisation. However, surveys indicate that only around 60% of employees who know about unethical practices in their organisations raise the matter. This is generally because they are too concerned about the outcome of their doing this. In this session, Asha and Peter will explore what has been done in Convercent to encourage her colleagues to raise their concerns and thus encourage a more ethical workplace.

Training E&C: Best practices

Led by Marc Toussaint, Ethics & Compliance Officer, Training specialist – Airbus
As a pillar of any anti-corruption system, training is a crucial topic, especially for multinational companies. In a changing and international legal environment, how do we adapt training to the audience? How do we define the various categories of population? How do we remain impactful despite physical meeting restrictions ? A review of best practices with a training expert from a major aerospace group.

Are there risks in applying ethical standards?

Led by Peter Elam, Group Head of Risk Management and Business Assurance, – Anglo American
What are some of the risks of providing guidelines based on ethical and other values to employees throughout our organisation?
Key topics:

  • Clarification and alignment of ethical priorities at the Board and top Exec level
  • Consideration of ‘real world’ structural dynamics which may challenge organizational ethics and values
  • Recognition and exploration of the dilemmas that people face day-to-day

This session will look at ways of making sure that an organisation’s values are not only understood, but applied wherever and with whom it operates.

Issues around embedding Codes of Ethics/Conduct

Led by Robert Smith, Director Business Compliance and Ethics – Serco Group plc
When our corporate values are expressed in a practical code of ethics/conduct, but in vague and woolly language and are rarely discussed, what is likely to happen? Codes must be relevant, up-to-date and easily understood by all staff. This session will explore some of the issues that can occur if any part of the organisation, operating in any part of the world fail to take their values seriously.

How a strong ethics culture help your compliance programme

Led by Stéphanie Scouppe, Chief Ethics Officer – Aéroports de Paris (ADP)
Compliance depends first and foremost on the existence of a robust ethical culture throughout the organisation. In this context, one of the main missions of the E&C professional is to deploy and maintain such a culture. What method should be adopted? What levers and tools should be used? This session will be an overview of the best practices identified by a professional of the sector.

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