Developing an Effective Communications & Training Strategy with Business Partners

Led by Chiara Moscato Senior Director, E&C Europe, Sameta and South America – Eli Lilly and Company
All compliance programs across companies are meant to sustain the business while making the right decision respecting the company integrity values. The way training is designed can have an impact on the program success and lead to better results. Using technology and a solutions-based approach can make a difference in training and in your internal partnership. During COVID-19 this type of communication strategy can impact onboarding of new employees resulting in a renewed energy in speaking about compliance. Learn how to have a more effective dialogue with business partners that encompasses ease, understanding and action in a creative way through technology.

The Ethics Design Sprint: Applying Design Thinking To Develop An Engaging Ethical Culture

Led by Carsten Tams, Ethicist and Author – Harvard University and Forbes Magazine
In this session, participants will learn about Design Thinking, an approach used by leading companies, from Apple to Lego, to create innovative products and services customers love to engage with. E&C practitioners can use this same approach to make their E&C programs more engaging and effective. This session will describe principles at the heart of Design Thinking (Human-Centered Design, Co-Creation) as well as the design process and key methods. Participants will also learn how they can use Design Sprints to quickly design a more engaging code, training module, or speak-up website. In an interactive exercise, participants will experience hands-on how they can apply this concept. Participants will leave the session with actionable ideas for developing a more engaging ethical culture.

Screening tools – Screening results

Led by Benoit Mercier, Global Compliance Officer – Dassault Systèmes
Software tools for due diligence have become indispensable in the exercise of the E&C function. Despite the significant help they provide, it is still sometimes difficult to know how to use them in the best possible way. Between false positives and alarming adverse media. How can you use these effectively?

How can I encourage my CEO and senior management to support the ethics programme?

Led by Nicole Sourgens, Group Ethics & Compliance Officer – Eramet
The support of top management, first and foremost the CEO, is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of any E&C program. In this respect, how to develop a relationship of trust with the CEO? How to make him or her an ally? How to determine how often and on what subjects to involve him/her without becoming intrusive?

Corporate purpose and the role of business ethics

Led by Stéphanie Scouppe, Chief Ethics Officer – Group Aéroports de Paris
Beyond CSR, the question of the corporate purpose of companies is being asked. It entails a change of paradigm but is still often difficult to see what the E&C role is. Where do the corporate values fit in? How else do they support the other functions?

Ethics, Compliance and CSR – Friends or Foes ?

Led by Gilles Vermot Desroches and Audrey Morin – Schneider Electric
In corporate organizational charts, ethics often is linked with compliance. Sometimes CSR is associated with them, other times not. However, regardless of the organization, it is clear that ethics, compliance and CSR have common objectives and methodologies. How can we make CSR more effective?

Friday 04 February 2022

8:00 AM ET / 13:00 GMT/ 14:00 CET
Opening Remarks

8:05 AM ET / 13:05 GMT/ 14:05 CET
P4: Plenary Session

9:15 AM ET / 14:15 GMT/ 15:15 CET
Break & Activity

09:45 AM ET / 14:45 GMT/ 15:45 CET
S9 Breakout Sessions
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11:00 AM ET / 16:00 GMT/ 17:00 CET
Closing of EBEF 2022

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