Friday 03 February 2023

08:30 CET
Breakfast refreshments will be served from 08:30.

09:00 CET
Plenary Session 3
Ethics & AI: How Organisations Apply Ethical Norms to AI

Roxane Adle Aiguier, Director of the Sustainable Digital Society research area, Orange, Emmanuel Goffi PhD, Co-director, Global AI Ethics Institute and Carine Jayat, Head of Data Strategy & Data Governance, MBDA
Moderated by CEA
The digitalisation of our world seems unstoppable. In this context, artificial intelligence and deep learning seem capable of bringing exceptional opportunities but also of raising existential risks. But how does it really look like? What are the real risks associated with the development of AI and how can they be mitigated in companies? Are there limits that should not be crossed?

10:15 CET
Refreshment Break

10:45 CET
Concurrent Facilitated Discussions
Choose one of four concurrent discussions

  1. Effective Ethics Training and Communication
    Fatima Mikirtumova, Senior Compliance and Ethics Officer, Boeing
    Moderated by IBE
    In this session we will have a conversation about a collaborative approach to training and communications, utilizing varied techniques to reach employees at all levels.
  2. Ensuring E&C Programme Fundamentals in a Licensed Business Environment
    Neil Moir, Director, Global Compliance and International Markets, Ethics & Compliance, Starbucks
    Moderated by ECI
    Building and maintaining a robust compliance program is a complex endeavor in any organisation. This can be particularly challenging where a business operates brands on behalf of several different companies. In this session learn about the approach that Starbucks is taking to support their business partners in developing a fit-for-purpose compliance infrastructure.
  3. Unique Ways to Encourage a Speak Up Culture
    Sharon Kuba, Director – Ethics and Business Conduct, Northrop Grumman
    Moderated by IBE
    Sharon will share examples of unique experiences that have proved to be effective.
  4. Human Rights Impact: The Challenge of Assessing Ethical Dilemmas
    Benoit Mercier, Global Compliance Officer, Dassault Systèmes
    Moderated by CEA
    The stakes around respect for human rights are increasing for multinational companies that have to face geopolitical changes, new societal aspirations, more regulations and an increase in the number of legal procedures. While the compliance & risk management efforts are generally made on the subcontracting chain, Benoît Mercier will present a more specific feedback on the software industry’s challenges. · Reputation & Legal risks: · Human Rights is a growing challenge · Focus on “Complicity risk” notion · Build a compliance program dealing with Human Rights issues · Dedicated assessment for ethics dilemma · The lines of defense: Who can identify & analyse Human Rights Impact?

12:00 CET
Lunch Break

13:15 CET
Concurrent Facilitated Discussions
Choose one of three concurrent discussions 

  1. Managing Compliance Risk in International Partnerships and Consortia Projects
    Samer Jannoun, Regional Compliance Manager, Meta
    Moderated by ECI
    Whilst international partnerships can provide many business opportunities and benefits for companies, they also come with a set of significant challenges and risks from a compliance perspective. In this session, we will explore some these risks and discuss innovative mitigation strategies that companies are deploying to address them.
  2. How to Measure the Performance of a Compliance Programme?
    Benoit Le Merre, HO E&C Prevention & Global Reach, Airbus
    Moderated by CEA
    There is nowadays a profusion of data at the disposal of management to drive the performance of the core activities. How to make visible the implementation of a renewed Ethics and compliance programme? How to produce relevant KPIs for stakeholders with different perspectives and different expectations (management of the compliance programme, executive management, employees information, external stakeholders)? In this session Airbus will share their experience in the context of heavy regulatory expectations. The participants will be invited to share their experience and reflect together on how to measure E&C culture’s progress in companies.
  3. Detlef Roland Reckward, Senior Maritime Competency Specialist, Carnival

14:30 CET
Plenary Session 4
Values, Culture and Character: How to Really Embed Your Organisation’s Values

Dr. Corey Crossan, Teaching Fellow and Dr Rebecca Park, Psychology Postdoctoral Researcher, The Oxford Character Project
Moderated by IBE
The Oxford Character Project has spent the last three years researching character, culture, leadership, and values in companies across the UK. In this session they will present some of their research on UK corporate values and how companies are embedding their values, looking at both public facing documents and hearing directly from the voices of those working in UK businesses. They will introduce their model of how character of individuals and of leaders can be used to support values enactment and lead you in some reflective and developmental exercises with which you can transform your organisational practices.

15:45 CET
Forum Closing

Patricia J. Harned, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI)
Dominique Lamoureux, President, Cercle d’Ethique des Affaires (CEA)
Dr. Ian Peters, MBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

16:00 CET
End of EBEF 2023