2024 European Business Ethics Forum

07 – 09 February 2024

Please email ebef@ibe.org.uk with any queries regarding EBEF 2024

What is the European Business Ethics Forum (EBEF)?
EBEF is a two-day Forum organised by Cercle d’Éthiques des Affaires (CEA), the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) and the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE). For the 21st year, this Forum will bring together those who are responsible for the ethics, compliance or business conduct programmes within their organisations to discuss the leading business ethics topics of our time.

Who is EBEF for?
EBEF is aimed at those working in an ethics/compliance (or related) function within an organisation – including:

  • Ethics & Compliance (E&C) practitioners
  • Corporate responsibility or sustainability professionals
  • Purpose implementation managers
  • Culture leads
  • Integrity officers
  • Speak Up and Investigation professionals
  • ESG professionals
  • HR managers
  • Internal auditors or audit managers/officers
  • Legal team
  • Risk managers
  • Data Protection professionals
  • Academics in business ethics or related fields
  • Policymakers and researchers
  • Corporate executives and leaders.

Why attend EBEF?
EBEF is a place to share information, experiences and current good practices in business ethics, the Forum provides participants with an invaluable opportunity to network with a broad European, UK and US peer group of corporate managers working in the field of business ethics.

The Forum is intended as a place to network and meet others; while it is appropriate to make professional contacts and to respond to requests for information from others, it is not appropriate to solicit business or support.

The majority of the sessions take place under the Chatham House Rule.

Where is EBEF taking place?
The 2024 forum will be taking place in Paris. Please email ebef@ibe.org.uk to be informed when bookings open and programme detail is available.