Thursday 08 February 2024

Please note that the below is a guide only and may be subject to change as the programme develops.

08:15 CET
Registration will open.

09:00 CET
Forum Welcome
Stéphanie Scoupe, President, Cercle d’Ethique des Affaires (CEA)
Trent Walter, Vice President of Membership, Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)
Dr Ian Peters, MBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

09:15 CET
International Conversation Café
A chance to re-acquaint with peers.  At the start of the Café, we will share a few questions on the screen to get the conversations started.

10:30 CET
Refreshments and Networking

11:00 CET
Concurrent facilitated discussions
Choose one of four concurrent discussions:

  1. Codes of ethics in the UK’s leading companies
    Facilitators: Lisa Pennycook, Conduct Risk Senior Consultant and Becca Ross, Senior Customer and Conduct Risk Consultant, Phoenix Group | Moderator: Rachael Saunders, IBE
    A case study of the development of a code for a FTSE 100 company. This session will consist of a journey through the development of a code, how it was embedded within the organisation and the challenges and pitfalls along the way.
  2. Evidence-based Ethics: how ECI’s new Business Integrity Library bridges gaps as a cross-disciplinary resource 
    Facilitator: M B West, ECI Advisor | Moderator: Evren Esen, ECI
    This session will address one of the most pressing issues today in corporate and organisational reputation management – credibility: whether leadership can credibly substantiate its brand promises and performance claims with verifiable, quantified data that prove value and resonate with a diverse, discerning, and even deeply divided public. Sustainability, diversity, governance, and similar corporate programmes face complex credibility problems – from “greenwashing” and ethical controversies over “say-do” disconnects, to divisive partisanship about even merely using terms like “ESG.” Attendees will have the chance to see a newly launched Business Integrity Library – a searchable database of top corporate integrity practices from the world’s leading companies – to provide practitioners with a first-of-its-kind resource to seek evidence-based trust that corporations can leverage through the power of shared data and best practice.
  3. How companies can formulate an ethical approach to AI
    Facilitator: Geneviève-Fieux-Castagnet, Head of AI Ethics, SNCF | Moderator: Benoit Mercier, CEA
    Digital systems using artificial intelligence are numerous and now widely deployed in our daily lives. All industrial companies are equally concerned. 5 years ago, the SNCF began a pioneering ethical reflection on this subject. The company is now deploying a dedicated policy, under the responsibility of Geneviève-Fieux-Castagnet. Here’s a look back and some best practices.
  4. ISO 37001 : a journey toward certification
    Facilitator: Laurence Mouly, Head of Ethics & Compliance, Safran | Moderator: Marie-Agnes Vieitez, CEA
    In the fight against corruption, an international norm is recognized as the highest standard: ISO 37001. How can you obtain it? How to prepare the audit : the things not to forget, the little extras that make all the difference? A look back at Safran’s journey towards certification.

12:15 CET
Lunch break | Sixtine Brasserie

13:30 CET
Concurrent facilitated discussions
Choose one of four concurrent discussions

  1. Ethics and data: measuring to empower middle management
    Facilitator: Alexandre Anselmi, Head of Group Ethics Programme, Sodexo | Moderator: Prathima Talakanti, Capgemini
    Developing and measuring an ethical culture is a continuous process. Many resources and initiatives can be used to empower and stimulate it. But what are their real effects? How can we measure the spread of an ethical culture within a company, while encouraging middle management to embrace it? The IT tools exist, but how do you set them up? And how can they be used to contribute to business challenges? Reflections and presentation of implementation by Sodexo.
  2. Embedding behavioural science into the ethics programme
    Facilitator: Simone Holliday, Deputy Ethics Leader, Deloitte Global | Moderator: Rachael Saunders, IBE
    Exploring how using a behavioural science approach can help predict employee responses to various work pressures and situations, and design specific interventions to promote a desired ethical culture. This session will look at some practices around ethical nudges and targeted learning to support psychologically safe team environments.
  3. How an effective HQP (High-Quality Programme) assessment can provide the data for a successful E&C programme
    Facilitator: Julia Arbery, LLM,  Partner, StoneTurn | Moderator: Evren Esen, VP – Research & Analytics, ECI
    For practitioners in organisations seeking to achieve the highest level of business integrity, this session will focus on the importance of benchmarking surveys that provide a framework for excellence in Ethics & Compliance. Learn the importance of surveying to measure program design & quality for E&C team, senior leaders, and Board of Directors.
  4. Fighting fatigue when implementing Ethics training
    Facilitator: Benoit le Merre, Ethics & Compliance Specialist, Airbus | Moderator: Ian Peters, IBE
    Airbus will share recent experience of E&C training on awareness and exposed employees. Join the debate to discuss new approaches to encourage the uptake of training throughout an organisation.

14:45 CET
Refreshments and Networking

15:15 CET
Latest ethics thought-leadership from ECI and IBE
Evren Esen, VP, Research &Analytics, Ethics & Compliance Inititative (ECI)
Dr Ian Peters, MBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)
What are ethics and compliance practitioners concerned about in 2024? And how do these relate to the ethical concerns identified by business leaders and employees more generally? Join Dr Ian Peters, Director, IBE and Evren Esen, VP – Research & Analytics, ECI to discuss recent research findings from Europe, the UK and beyond.

16:30 CET
Free time

18:15 – 22:00 CET
Reception & Dinner at l’Hôtel de Poulpry, Maison des Polytechniciens (Maison des Polytechniciens)
The EBEF Organising Committee will host an external Reception & Dinner for all participants, the cost of which is included in your registration as is coach to and from the venue

18:15 Meet in the lobby
18:30 Board coach and leave
19:00 Reception
20:00 Dinner
22:00 Walk to pick up point/coach to hotel