Tuesday 01 February 2022

8:00 AM ET / 13:00 GMT/ 14:00 CET
Welcome remarks
Patricia J. Harned, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI)
Dominique Lamoureux, President, Cercle d’Ethique des Affaires (CEA)
Dr. Ian Peters, MBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

8:15 AM ET / 13:15 GMT/ 14:15 CET
P1: Plenary Session – Fighting corruption globally
Led by Patrick Moulette, Head of Anti-Corruption Division – OECD & France Chain, Senior Legal Analyst, Anti-Corruption Division – OECD
As the fight against international bribery has intensified in recent years, and states and companies have undertaken efforts to meet higher standards in this area, the OECD adopted the 2021 Anti-Bribery Recommendation in November of 2021. This Recommendation puts in new measures to prevent, detect and investigate foreign bribery. Included in the OECD recommendations are directives to strengthen international cooperation, increase actions to raise awareness in public sector businesses as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, and specify their sanction regime. Patrick Moulette, Head of Anti-Corruption Division of the OECD, will present the ins and outs of these recommendations and provide the state of the fight against corruption around the world.

09:30 AM ET / 14:30 GMT/ 15:30 CET

09:45 AM ET / 14:45 GMT/ 15:45 CET
S1 Breakout Sessions
Does one size fit all for multinational organisation E&C programmes? What about the cultural and leadership challenges?
Led by Steven Pegg, Senior Ethics Manager – Lockheed Martin Corporation & Shawn Simpson, International Relations Advisor – Aix-Marseille Université

S2 Breakout Sessions
Committee-tology: Having an outsider at the table
Led by Iohann Le Frappeur, Group Chief Ethics Officer – SNCF & Dominique Lamoureux, President of the Ethics Committee – SNCF

11:00 AM ET / 16:00 GMT/ 17:00 CET

11:15 AM ET / 16:15 GMT/ 17:15 CET
S3 Breakout Sessions
Using a startup mentality to drive E&C transformations
Led by Richard Davies, Group Vice President, Ethics & Compliance – Natura & Co.

S4 Breakout Sessions
Will encouraging employees to ‘speak up’ really make a difference?
Led by Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & EVP, Converge – Convercent by OneTrust & Peter Stone, Senior Compliance Counsel – Convercent by OneTrust

12:30 PM ET / 17:30 GMT/ 18:30 CET
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