The Ethics Design Sprint: Applying Design Thinking To Develop An Engaging Ethical Culture

Led by┬áCarsten Tams, Ethicist and Author – Harvard University and Forbes Magazine
In this session, participants will learn about Design Thinking, an approach used by leading companies, from Apple to Lego, to create innovative products and services customers love to engage with. E&C practitioners can use this same approach to make their E&C programs more engaging and effective. This session will describe principles at the heart of Design Thinking (Human-Centered Design, Co-Creation) as well as the design process and key methods. Participants will also learn how they can use Design Sprints to quickly design a more engaging code, training module, or speak-up website. In an interactive exercise, participants will experience hands-on how they can apply this concept. Participants will leave the session with actionable ideas for developing a more engaging ethical culture.