Resolving issues raised when someone speaks up

Led by Andy Noble, Head of Whistleblowing, Speak Up & Complaints Policy – NatWest Group and Andy Smith, Managing Investigator -Natwest Group
Speak up initiatives are proliferating and organisations are doing many good things to promote speak up cultures where employees (and others) feel free to voice their concerns about misconduct. The EU Whistleblowing Directive and other global legislations have also provided frameworks for organisations to consider the breadth and depth of their speak up arrangements and make sure they remain fit for purpose. But with the growing encouragement and mechanisms for raising and capturing concerns, are we still able to deal with them appropriately? Most people speak up not for the sake of speaking up, but to have the issue resolved. So how do we respond when issues are raised? And most importantly, how do we address the root causes to prevent them happening again?

In this session facilitators will start the conversation by sharing their thoughts and experience in three areas:
1. Scope of investigation: How far should you go in an investigation. Should you always investigate every element of the allegation? What part should proportionality play?
2. Interactions with the whistle blower: the issue of anonymity and building trust; how open can/should you be with a whistle blower? How much of the investigation outcome can/should you disclose?
3. Lessons learned: conduct and non-conduct outcomes; ‘read across’; creating the right environment – the importance of the cultural environment and psychological safety