Innovations to make E&C training more effective

Led by Amanda Bunten, Director of Behavioural Ethics – GSK and Matt Rand, Behavioural Scientist – GSK
Training is a fundamental part of a successful ethics and compliance programme. But do we really know how effective our training is? Are there simple ways we could be improving our training? There has been quite a focus on how to engage the learner in ethics and compliance training but are we really designing training to effectively drive the ‘right’ behaviours in our organisations? There are now many examples of the ways in which E&C leaders are innovating their training, to the extent that some training interventions may not actually look or feel like formal training at all. But how do we ensure our training is both effective and engaging?

During this session we will explore how we can incorporate behavioural science into our learning journey, to design, implement and evaluate our training to demonstrate effectiveness.