European Business Ethics Network (EBEN)

The European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) is a membership driven organisation concerned with promoting business ethics education and training as well as improving practices throughout Europe. It was established in 1987 in Brussels and is the only European network focused exclusively on business ethics and business ethics education. EBEN has over 1,100 members representing 40 countries.
EBEN National Networks exist in Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, France, Turkey, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Ireland, Ukraine & Scandinavia.

In a dynamic social and political environment, EBEN supports business persons by offering an international network of academically informed competencies in the field of business ethics and related fields such as corporate social responsibility, accountability, and corporate citizenship. It offers an unparalleled arena for exchanging information on business initiatives and best practices.

EBEN’s diversity of membership means there are always many varied views within the group about business ethics. EBEN is an inclusive network and accepts plurality of perspectives.

European Business Ethics Network (EBEN)
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